Culmstock - Aims


At Culmstock School we do everything we can to provide a safe, happy, caring and well ordered environment in which learning can take place. We want each child to feel valued as an individual and as part of the community of the school.

To this end we aim:

  • to provide a variety of situations where a child is able to develop the personal and social skills of
    • independence
    • curiosity
    • self-confidence
    • self-respect
    • co-operation
  • to provide an environment where each child feels secure and is valued as an individual
  • to ensure our school is a place where children are given every opportunity to explore and develop their interests, abilities and personalities
  • to provide learning contexts where children are challenged and are able to produce their best within and beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • to inspire children towards excellence within a variety of experiences
  • to work in partnership with the local community
  • to encourage each child to respect the religious, spiritual and moral values of others whilst considering their own attitudes, values and beliefs
  • to foster an individual and shared responsibility for our heritage and environment and to encourage a sense of care and stewardship for all forms of life
  • to provide opportunities where children are encouraged to experience the feelings of awe and wonder
  • to encourage children to consider the needs of others

Teaching and learning is our school's purpose. We seek to establish a positive and challenging environment in which to do it.

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