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Staff and pupils take great pride in our school and it’s achievements. We aim to provide a learning environment that is happy, stimulating and safe. The displays around the school are designed to celebrate children’s achievements and support them in their learning.

We are housed in a Victorian building with later additions, including a self contained Foundation Stage Unit. We have a 20th Century set of buildings that have been adjusted to meet the changing needs of the learner today.

Our two playgrounds are well equipment and have a very large field for sports and environmental studies, we utilise all these areas to provide an exciting learning environment.


Teaching Staff

Head of Federation Mrs Tracey Hailey

Head of School Mrs Mel Johns

Class 4 Mrs Rebecca Giffard/Miss Mel Webb

Class 3 Mrs Katie Nex

Class 2 Ms Louise Heap

Class 1 Mrs Jacqui Richman and Mrs C King


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Stephanie Disley

Miss Janine Morris

Mrs Sue Tunstall

Mrs Julie Flory

Mrs Suzie Broom

Mrs Claire Nichols


School Administrator

Mrs Jane Slator



Mrs Jane Watts

Mrs Gill Battern

Mrs Katie Sanders

Mrs Suzie Broom

Mrs Jo Burraston


Become a Governor

The Governing Body of the school is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and includes parents staff and members of the community. The School Governors comprise of a group of individuals, who are elected, nominated or co-opted. School Governors work with the Head of federation and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school. Meetings of the full board are held at least once each term and committees meet in addition to main body meetings. If you would like to be a school governor or are interested in it’s work please contact the Head of school.


The Governing Body

Chair: Mrs F Collier

Vice Chair: Mr N Broomfield

LA Governors - Mr N Broomfield, Mr A Mugleston

Parent Governors;  Mr P Behenna, Mr M Nichols, Mrs H Vincent, Mrs K Williams

Community Governors; Rev P Booth, Mrs F Collier

Associate Governors; Mrs S Disley, Mrs M Johns, Mrs Alex Cutler, Mrs H Ainsworth, Mrs E Francis

Committes/Portfolio Groups - Curriculum , Mr N Broomfield, Mrs S Hicks

                                               School Improvement, Mrs J Adamson, Mrs Ainsworth,  

                                                                                 Mrs Cutler, Mrs Francis, Mrs Johns

                                               Finance, Mrs Collier, Mr Mugleston, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Williams

                                               Personnel, Mrs Collier, Mr Nichols, Mr Ogden

                                               Premises, H&S,

                                               Inclusion & Safeguarding, Mrs Disley, Mrs Hicks, Rev Wilkinson        

Clerk to Governors: Mr Geoff Rickson 


Please see below for the letter sent to the children from our Ofsted in May 2010.


"12 May 2010

Dear Pupils,

Inspection of Culmstock Primary School, Cullompton, EX15 3JP

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your school and showing us your work. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would like to tell you what we found. Yours is a good school. It has some outstanding features.

These are the school’s main strengths.

      • You thoroughly enjoy school and your attendance is high.
      • The school is an extremely pleasant place in which to learn.
      • Children in Reception get off to a good start.
      • You are making good progress because of the good teaching.
      • A good range of learning activities is provided.
      • You get on extremely well with each other and behaviour is outstanding.
      • You have a good understanding of how to keep healthy and fit.
      • You feel extremely safe at school because the teachers and other adults take excellent care of you and provide strong support and guidance.
      • You make positive contributions to the school and to the local community.
      • The school is very well led by your headteacher and she receives good support from other staff.

We have asked the headteacher and teachers to do a few things to improve areas of the school.

      • Teachers should provide more opportunities for you to learn and practise advanced skills such as critical thinking, research and independent study.
      • More topics should be included to increase your knowledge and understanding of different cultures and how people live in the wider world.

You can help by continuing to work hard. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Yours sincerely

Derek Watts

Lead inspector"


The full report can be found on the OFSTED website or from our downloads area.

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